How Can CMS Help My Brand?


Branding is a method of making you (or your business) stand out from the rest of the crowd.  It is commonly a name, symbol or design (logo), term, or catch phrase that can be used exclusively or in combination with one another to identify what you are marketing and makes you (or your business) unique!  Ideal branding reaches your target market and allows your prospective customers to see you as “the one” to do business with – the “expert”.

Think of successful companies such as McDonald’s ™, Microsoft ™, and Apple Computers ™.  Each of these companies has successful branding and ensures that their customers recognize what they are selling and the customer service and commitment that goes with it.

McDonald’s ™ is known for the “Golden Arches” — that glorious “Golden M” that hovers above the restaurant and on all of the product packaging.  Once introduced to McDonald’s ™, even an average 2-year-old understand what those “Golden Arches” stand for and is quick to become a loyal customer (and he lets his parents know it every time they drive by the restaurant)!




Microsoft ™ is branded by a text & symbol logo (colored “windows”) and is often synonymous with founder Bill Gates.  When one sees a Microsoft ™ logo, they think PC (Personal Computer), Software, Network Systems, and so on.  Microsoft ™ interchanges their branding and sometimes only offers a text-solution, while other times they offer the graphic solution.  People have learned to recognize the 4 colored boxes as the Microsoft ™ logo. 

A few years back, Apple Computers ™ (Macintosh), struggled competing with Microsoft ™ and went through a re-branding process.  They are now highly recognized and known as the creators of the popular “i-Products” —  iPhone ™, iPad ™, iPod(tm), etc..  People quickly recognize that apple icon with the bite taken out of it and a product branded with “i” to mean a “cool new gadget,” and you will see loyal customers lining up at stores days in advance of a release of a new “i-Product” just to be one of the first on their block to have one. 


How Do I Get Started?

Contact CMS today to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY BRANDING ANALYSIS.  Our “Dezigners” will work with you to determine the best solution for your branding needs that matches your budget.

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